C.O.P.S. National Campaign to Implement the Blue Alert

Governor Gregoire signed the Blue Alert bill, HB1820, into law on 03/15/2012, making Washington the 14th state to implement the Blue Alert.

The Blue Alert will provide the means to speed the apprehension of violent criminals who kill or seriously injure local, state, or federal law enforcement officers in Washington State.

The Blue Alert would be a cooperative effort between the State Department of Public Safety, State Department of Transportation, the Governor's Division of Emergency Management, broadcasters, law enforcement agencies, and the general public. Using media broadcasts and Department of Transportation messaging signs, each Blue Alert would cover the state with information identifying a detailed description of the offender, the offender’s vehicle, and license plate information which will inevitably hinder the violator's ability to flee the state. It would facilitate a speedy capture, helping eliminate the threat the offender would pose on other communities and law enforcement personnel.

Working together, we can show our support for the brave men and women who protect our great nation and ensure that those who do harm to our protectors are quickly captured, fully prosecuted, and appropriately punished.

State Blue Alert Criteria

All four criteria must be met in order for the Washington State Patrol to activate the network:

  • A law enforcement officer must have been killed or seriously injured by an offender.
  • The investigating law enforcement agency must determine that the offender poses a serious risk or threat to the public and other law enforcement personnel.
  • A detailed description of the offender’s vehicle, vehicle tag, or partial tag must be available for broadcast to the public.
  • The investigating law enforcement agency of jurisdiction must recommend activation of the Blue Alert to the State Operations Center (Governor's Divisions of Emergency Management).
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